I am a qualified English Language

01/26/2015 - 19:47

I am a qualified English Language teacher with my TESOL Certificate.  How difficult would it be to obtain a teaching opporunity in Italy?  I would prefer to be located outside of the larger cities.  I'm an Australian national who has basic Italian speaking ability but feel confident that would improve following a longer stay.  Glad any advice.



Opportunities for qualified native teachers of English as a second or foreign language seem to be better than for other professions; however, you will have the problem of getting a work permit, although finding a sponsoring teaching centre should help. I have heard that salaries are low. Opportunities outside the larger cities will be scarce. You could consider teaching in the city and living in a smaller town with good transport (preferably train). I found this site promoting a book written by a teacher, which is available through Amazon and I think that it may be worth reading it http://www.teachitaly.com. Good luck!

Hi GalaThank you very much indeed for taking the time to send through your comments.  Much appreciated!We have been holidaying in Italy each year for the past five years and hopefully we will be back this year in September.  I will make the point this time to see what might be available.  Once agian many thanks.Warwick

Your problem is not the teaching, but the fact that you are Australian.  You will need a work contract in order to get your permesso di soggiorno, which you will need to work here.  As these things take time, you will need enough money to tide you over until you have the paperwork sorted out.  Get your Schengen visa before you leave home. 

Getting an opportunity to teach English in Italy can be an achievable goal for you. As a qualified teacher with a TESOL certificate, you already have an advantage. It is important to consider that the job market may vary in different regions of Italy, and finding a position outside of the big cities may be more affordable. By the way, I am also learning English now, I recently read 12 years a slave, found https://edubirdie.com/examples/12-years-a-slave/ for this. This is said to be the best practice to learn. Your basic knowledge of Italian will be an added advantage and on-site practice will help you improve it. I also recommend looking for information about the requirements and procedures for teaching foreign languages in Italy, as well as contacting local resources and communities of English teachers for tips and recommendations.

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