I was born in UK but married an Italian

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02/02/2015 - 09:41

I was born in UK but married an Italian in 1980 and so have dual nationality. Divorced and having moved back to Uk in 2013 (and registered with AIRE), I am getting married to a UK citizen later this year. I want to write a will and have taken legal advice in UK. Would my house in Italy be covered by UK will or is it better to write a separate Italian will? Do I need to register my marriage with AIRE? Thank you. 



You will need an Italian will, or at least an Italian holographic will for all your beni in Italy.   It depends a bit if the house is in your name, whether it was acquired while you were married, but with a new will you should be able to leave it to your family, who anyway will be in the 'legittima' under Italian law.    The new legislation on wills isfrom this eyar,but UK has opted out - so until we know excactly whats going to happen, Id say do a holographic will in the interim

OK - in that case its all yours, but seeing that you are now back in the UK, I would make a UK will which will be acceptable in Italy, and then a two line simple handwritten holographic will in Italian that can be produced when and if.