4 schools in Puglia

We,re hoping to move to Puglia later this year and will be taking our six year old daughter and three year old son. I have virtually no knowledge of the schooling system in Italy. I'm obviously concerned about how my daughter will cope as she doesn't speak the language. I've heard that immigrant children get good language tuition as a matter of course -is this true ? Basically can anyone tell me anything at all about school in Puglia or elsewhere in Italy.
Also I'd love to hear from anyone else with young children who either lives in or is planning to move to Puglia as it would be good to feel that my kids wouldn't be totally friendless when they get there !

General chat about Italy

We covered the Italian school system in the January 2005 edition of the magazine. You can order a back issue online.

Sorry, forgot to mention there is a lovely case study on a little girl's first year in an Italian school in Sept 2004 issue as well.

Hi, we sent our 10 year old son to stay with friends in Puglia for a year. He went into an elementary school and did very well. The teachers and other kids were so friendly & helpful, within a month he was speaking reasonably, and after 3 months was doing the same work as the rest. The classes are small (18 to 20).By the end of the year he was virtually fluent.
I am hoping to go to live in Puglia late summer with sons currently 3.5, 12 & 14. I have no worries about the schools. It's finding work I'm more worried about : I currently work in London with Sure Start (children under 4 and parents) so would love to transfer my skills, eg. children's activities / clubs, Bilingual Nursery etc. Have you any ideas ?
Where are you hoping to relocate to ? We want to be at APRICENA (Gargano area) if possible, as we have friends there, though nothing's definite.
Suggest you get MUZZY, a BBC video language course for 2 to 12's. It's brilliant for children (& adults). I also recommend a book / tape set : Learn together Italian, by Lucy Duke. ISBN 0-330-32910-3. It's easy with catchy songs & phrases for young children. GOOD LUCK, would love to hear from you!!

We are moving to San Vito dei Normanni at the end of April.
We are not young in years ( 55 and 62 !!!) and our children our grown up ( no granchildren yet !!)...... but very 'young at heart' ( what an awful expression !!!)....so if you need anything or just fancy a chat, let us know......we are certainly not experts on Puglia, but can't wait to live there !!!


We're moving to a cottage near Serranova in exactly three days time!! My mobile number is 07767456424 and we're staying this time for five weeks. We'd like to hear from you to find out how your first months have gone.
Also to get some info on markets,shopping, etc etc.


Kathy Thomson[QUOTE=alex and lyn]:D
We are moving to San Vito dei Normanni at the end of April.
We are not young in years ( 55 and 62 !!!) and our children our grown up ( no granchildren yet !!)...... but very 'young at heart' ( what an awful expression !!!)....so if you need anything or just fancy a chat, let us know......we are certainly not experts on Puglia, but can't wait to live there !!![/QUOTE]

Hello, we moved to le Marche in April/May and my daughter and son are due to start in September (the rules said they couldn't start till then). The school seems lovely but quite different to UK schools. I'll let you know how they get on in September. PS Rachel and Jack don't speak much Italian but every day they learn more and grow more confident.

Hi everyone, alex and lyn here finally back on-line. we arrived in san vito dei normanni on 30th april as planned but it took 2 months to get the phone installed !!!!!!
It has been absolutely manic since we arrived and we started out with just a wooden table a bench and 2 chairs and a bed . the furniture from the uk was delayed and we had workmen crawling all over the house !!!!! there was laughter and tears and few good rows ...but most of the problems have now been resolved and one of our sons is here for a short visit. The younger one was supposed to come with him but was told he couldn't travel as his passport was torn on the info page !!! we've changed his ticket to 30 aug !!
In the Uk I would have been furious but we have had so many things going on since we arrived it was water off a ducks back. I could write a book !!!!!
hope to hear from you all soon
Our e-mail address has changed to [email]alexnsbtt@yahoo.co.uk.......how[/email] do i change it on the Italymag forum ???????

Would love to hear from you all...especially anyone in Puglia ...

we are in contrado medico about 1km from town just off the Serranova road. where are you ?
alex and lyn

sorry ... again i might well be accused of hijacking posts and ok soorrry about the dots... and all that sort of stuff.... would just like to say... and i had to look twice when i saw the name welcome back to alex and lyn and maybe you should post on i think its francisms thread about your story.... you seemed to have dissapeared... i even wrote you telling you how to get back on the forum ... i missed your traumatic house buying ventures so much....

glad to hear you made it

best regards

Thanks for the welcome back John....What and how do I get on this franchism thingy !!!!! some of what happened to us is hysterically funny..some not so funny !! but we have made it and are now pretty well settled and very happy..still work to be done but then i think there always will be
lyn and alex

are you and your family here permanently neil or just for the holiday season...would be nice to meet you...can anyone use pool at hotel ???

Hi Alex and Lynn,

Great to see you back and glad you made it. Quite a few of us wondered what had happened to you after you disappeared.

hi flyingveepixie !!!
great to hear from you, as you started this log, are you now moving to puglia permanentely as you were asking about schools etc. in you 1st post.


No plans to move as yet but hoping to spend 3 months or so over there next year, 1 month at easter to prune the olive trees and do a couple of bits and pieces around the house, and then another couple of months in summer for the school holidays.

Hi flying veepixie,
how do i send a private message, i'll give you our phone number (don't want to post it on forum) and perhaps you can pop over for a glass of wine when you are next over.....and show us how to prune the olives !!!!!!

Hi Alex and Lynn

We've still quite a bit to do to the villa and Neal and my son may be going in a couple of weeks, just for week, and get a little bit done. We have flights booked for 3 weeks in October when we will have some builders employed as well as Neal getting it finished. (The guy that built it in the first place actually and he was the one who suggested to keep costs down, Neal work with them) We thought this a good idea seeing as we intend to move there in the near future and he may offer Neal some work.

We had a walk and a drink in the Hotel at the end of June. It was very quiet with only two people actually sitting by the pool. The pool was huge and then a bloke on a motorbike pulled up and went for a swim then 4 young lads turned up with towels and a lady and they all went for swim. The geometra with our builder told us his cousin runs the place and he was saying it was ideal to take our kids in for a swim. Take a ride there and have a look for yourself. We just walked in and ordered a couple of beers and got a friendly reception from the guy in the bar near the pool. They also have tennis courts, football pitch, indoor pool and a really good play area for the kids. We know someone who plays football there and he is a resident of San Vitto. We are thrilled to bits, with 4 kids we didn't want somewhere down a dirt track in the middle of nowhere and this was ideal. I was a little worried whether it would be noisy but we've had two separate weeks there and the only noise we can hear from our villa is the kids club guy on a speaker from 11 until 12 and thats not load and you can't actually hear what he is saying. We live near Haydock Park Racecouse at the moment and its no louder than the background noise we hear here on race days (and thats all day). No doubt the kids will have a walk over and take part when we're there.

Bye for now

Alex and Lynn,

Just tried to email you at that email address you posted earlier but it came back as undeliverable. I don't know how to send a private message but I'll have a look around and try to figure it out.

You can email me directly at [email]Flyingveepixie@aol.com[/email]

I moved to Italy 11 years ago and I had to look for schools for my daughters.
I can recommend some good schools in Puglia. I know that you`ve asked about this for a long time, so, the information is relevant for the 2020 year. Here are a few schools from my list:


  1. The Awaiting Table Cookery School
  2. Future World School - Guido d'Arezzo
  3. Agherbino - High School
  4. Istituto Comprensivo Statale "Angiulli - De Bellis"
  5. Scuola Primaria "F.Positano"
  6. IIS "Da Vinci - Agherbino"

There are some other schools like language schools that will help you learn English or Italian. Maybe they will even help with something more difficult, like the argumentative essay writing or similar. Although, for such work you have services like papersowl.com. I think you can find any school in Puglia. There is even a yoga school. Hah, in any case, I hope this list will be useful.