Buon Anno! Have You Made Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Fri, 01/03/2020 - 01:18
new year's resolutions

The new year is a great time to make some resolutions. What’s on your list for 2020? 

I’d like to take some trips to Italy, spend more time with friends and family, and get out and about in nature. 

If you’d like to talk about your new year’s resolutions in Italy, then you’ll need some key vocabulary to get you started. 

Buoni propositi


I buoni propositi – new year’s resolutions

Hai fatti dei buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo? – Have you made any new year’s resolutions?


Now let’s look at some of the most common new year’s resolutions for the coming year:


La salute - health

Mangiare sano – eat healthily

Dormire di più – sleep more

Smettere di fumare – stop smoking

Bere di meno – drink less

Dimagrire – lose weight

Fare ginnastica regolarmente – exercise regularly 

Iniziare a meditare – start to meditate


Il tempo - time

Trovare del tempo per se stessi – find time for yourself

Trascorrere più tempo con la famiglia – spend more time with family

Usare meno la tecnologia – use technology less


I passatempi - hobbies

Leggere di più – read more

Imparare qualcosa di nuovo – learn something new

Conoscere persone nuove – meet new people

Viaggiare di più – travel more


I soldi - money

Risparmiare – save money


Il lavoro - work

Trovare un nuovo lavoro – find a new job


L’ambiente – the environment

Rispettare l’ambiente – respect / look after the environment


Hopefully there’s something on this list that fits your new year’s resolutions. Buona fortuna con i buoni propositi! Good luck with your new year’s resolutions!

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