Campervan Holidays in Italy

Mon, 09/28/2009 - 07:01

Italy, in many ways, is ideally suited for a campervan holiday. Its shape and wealth of interesting small and big places means that to get the most out of it one needs to travel around. If you don’t want the pressure of having to book a full itinerary with accommodation and want to be sure you have a place to sleep in every night - then a campervan may just be the right solution for you.


Of course, you need some sort of an itinerary. Heading out with no plan can be exciting but it can also lead to disappointments. Striking a balance between some rough planning and freedom is the best option. There are some good examples of campervan tours here for itineraries of different days.
You can also plan alternative routes while keeping an eye on where you can park your campervan - here is a good selection of campervan parking locations.

Buy or Rent

Before heading off on your dream campervan holiday you will need a campervan as well! You can buy or rent. However, unless you are a very frequent user and you don’t mind parking a campervan and maintaining one, renting is probably your best option. It is certainly the wisest option if this is going to be your first holiday in a campervan.


When budgeting for your holiday keep in mind the cost of renting, fuel and parking. Most times it turns out to be far more cost-efficient than compared to booking hotels and paying for transport in other ways.

Other considerations

Finally, make sure you’ve thought of other issues such as driving license (most campervans can be driven with normal licenses), bedding, water, food, kitchen utensils etc. This is a home on wheels so you will need to consider whether all this is available or not. There is a great ‘frequently asked questions’ section here.


With a bit of planning campervan holidays can be great fun. Relax, take in the scenery and enjoy Italy in your very own home on wheels!
Camper Valtesse - Fly and Drive

For more information on campervan holidays, including the chance to check out rental prices visit the website of Camper Valtesse. They have been taking care of campervan holidays since 1986 and their website offers a wealth of information on the subject. What’s more they offer a free transfer to and from the local airport (Milan – Orio al Serio) 24/7, what more could you ask for!!