Fabrizio De André Album to be Released by London Symphony Orchestra

Mon, 11/21/2011 - 05:02
Fabrizio de andré

Poetic singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André will soon be remembered by an album from the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Geoff Westley.

De André was a beloved musician from Genoa who began recording in the 1960s, releasing albums into 1996. His 1999 funeral was attended by over 20,000 mourners.

The new album, entitled Sogno N°1, will pay homage to the unique musical stylings of the Italian singer.

English producer Geoff Westley has lead the orchestra in performing some of De André’s most classic hits. From “Preghiera in gennaio” (“Prayer in January) to “Ho visto Nina volare” (“I Saw Nina Fly”) and “Hotel Supramonte”.

The album also contains two duets with Franco Battiato and Vinicio Capossela, as well as two instrumental pieces.

His wife, Dori Ghezzi, suggested that future plans include the release of Sogno N°2, or Dreams #2- with De André’s work translated into English and sung by a group of international artists.

Sogno N°1 is due out on the 22nd of November.