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Language Schools in Italy


@Conrad199 asks:

I have a friend who is trying to buy a house in Italy.  He is in the process of getting a divorce but it has not yet been finalised and he does not want the other party to be on the deed.  It is an amicable divorce and he wants to know if there is a document the other party can sign to show the N

@mcmcmc asks:


I wondered if anybody could help with getting a GP - family doctor... when i inquired in Modica at the polyambulatorio office, they said that

that I would have to pay from around 370 euros a year (more depending on income) in order to be part of the  Italian NHS system. 

@RossB asks:

Hi my family have just bought a small house in Vicoli, Abruzzo and are looking for some one who can do some regular maintenance on the property gardening painting etc and also looking for a builder who can construct a dog run in the garden. Any help on thus would be hugely welcomed. R.