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Language Schools in Italy


@mcmcmc asks:

Hello all,

I wondered if anyone might be able to help with registering with a GP in around the Modica area.

I have had Italian residency for 7 years and have had an Italian passport since birth, I'm 60 years old and don't work.

I'm house owner too.

Permesso di soggiorno

Hi I find myself planning to stay in Italy for approx 6 months next year. I won't be trying to work there just visiting.

I understand that I require a Permesso di soggiorno however my wife has Italian residency and I own a house there. 

@SRodgers asks:

Are there any English speakers in the greater Pescara area? My husband and I are near Citta Sant’Angelo, not permanent residents but we visit four times a year for about eight weeks in total. We are learning Italian but are at a very basic level.