How To Order A Gelato In Italian

| Thu, 07/14/2016 - 04:44

Would you like to be able to order a gelato in Italian? Here’s some useful vocabulary to get you started.

In Italy, you often have the option to top your ice cream with fresh cream - la panna, also referred to as whipped cream - la panna montata. So you may hear:

Vuole la panna? - Do you want cream?

In terms of the size of ice cream, there is:

Piccolo - small
Medio - medium
Grande - large

You can choose either:
Una coppa - a cup
Una coppetta - a small cup
Un cono - a cone

Your order could be:
Vorrei un cono piccolo - I would like a small cone

Then you may be asked:
Quali gusti? Which flavours?

Here are just a selection of some of the hundreds of wonderful flavours on offer:

Amarena - cherry
Caffè - coffee
Caramello - caramel
Cioccolato - chocolate
Cioccolato bianco - white chocolate
Crema - cream / custard
Cocco - coconut
Fragola - strawberry
Frutti di bosco - forest fruit
Limone - lemon
Liquirizia - licorice
Mandorla - almond
Nocciola - hazelnut
Pesca - peach
Vaniglia -vanilla

Good luck at the gelateria!