Italian Cherry Liquor Recipe

Tue, 05/31/2011 - 04:49

Cherry season is short and sweet but you can preserve the delicious summer flavor for year-round treat by making your own cherry liquor.

You can serve this liquor cold as an aperitif or as an after dinner digestivo. It is also great on fruit based ice-cream, such as lemon or strawberry, or on a simple yogurt or vanilla one.


1 kg cherries
1 litre 100% alcohol (if you cannot find it try making it with vodka 50% abv)
350 g sugar


Cherry LiquorCut and wash the cherries, discarding half the pits.

Place the remaining pits on a clean cloth and break with a hammer.

Combine the pieces of pits and cherries in a glass jar.

Cover fruit and pits with sugar and seal in container to age.

Shake fruit mixture several times during the first two weeks.

Add the alcohol and place mixture in a cool, dark area and set aside to macerate for three months.

Using a fine muslin bag or wire mesh strainer, pour aged mixture through cloth/mesh to strain.

Reserve filtered liquid, placing in a new bottle to age for three months or more.

After aging, uncork and enjoy the sweet reward for your patience.