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Now that Spring is well on its way it is time to think about to all those couples who have decided to tie the knot in one of the many romantic locations Italy has to offer. Without question, one of the highlights of the wedding reception is the cutting of the wedding cake. It is one of the most dreamed about moments and also one of the most photographed and memorable occasions of the day.

But which cake should you choose when you decide to get married in Italy?

Italy is famous for its simple but tasty cakes, for example the “mille foglie” (millefeuille), “the mimosa”, “the diplomatica” or the many versions of “torte di frutta” (fruit based cakes), which, in the summer, help to create a fresh and colourful picture. We also know that one of the true beauties of Italy is its diverse culinary traditions, which change from region to region and desserts and cakes are no different.
Torta Mimosa
Torta Mimosa

If you are a couple who love to experiment with flavours, choosing a traditional cake from the region where you are getting married is certainly a great and original idea. So, if you are ready for this tasty adventure, here is a mini, mouth-watering guide to some very special cakes that you can choose and taste.

Have you decided to get married in Venice, among the fascinating streets, canals and gondolas? Your cake could be the “Fregolotta” – a simple and tasty cake made of fresh cream and almonds. Or what about a cake looking version of the amazing “Tiramisù”?

If you are getting married in the Piedmont region then a cake made with local hazelnuts from Le Langhe, Torta alle Nocciole is your best choice while if you are in Emilia Romagna do not miss the chance to offer your guests a taste of the “historical” Torta Barozzi, created toward the end of the XIX century in Vignola, a perfect balanced mixture of peanuts, almonds, chocolate and coffee.

Torta Barozzi
Torta Barozzi

If, however, you have not been able to resist the charm of the Amalfi coast…you will really be spoilt for choice and can end the day in style with some exceptional cakes. One of the most well-known cakes in the world, which originated from the island of Capri, is the “Caprese” – a flour-less cake made of bitter chocolate and almonds.

With all of its colours and fragrances, the Amalfi coast also offers the “Delizia al Limone” , which alone is worth the trip! Its lemon flavour and freshness on the palate are simply unforgettable. And for those of you who love to go all out, we must not forget the “Pastiera Napoletana” – a cake made to celebrate great occasions and famous for its rich ingredients: ricotta, wheat, oranges, citrus, candied fruits and a precious pinch of cinnamon to forever remember such a magical moment.

For those of you who have chosen Sicily as the setting for your wedding, you will be enticed by the wondrous flavours of fruits, almonds and pistachios! So why not end the reception with a deliciously creamy ice-cream, for example Sicily’s famous “Zuccotto” – an ice-cream cake made with a sponge filled with ice-cream.

Sicilian Cassata
Cassata Siciliana

An even more traditional idea could be one of the most famous Sicilian cakes – the “Cassata” – a moist sponge layered cake filled with creamy ricotta and candied fruits and covered with icing and almond marzipan that can be coloured and decorated in every way imaginable!

You can also let your imagination run wild, so why not create a cake made from Sicilian “Cannoli”, perhaps in bite-size versions. In this way each of your guests can have the opportunity to enjoy these fantastic ricotta-filled sweets.

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of choosing just one of these fantastic delicacies, then you can do it Italian style and include a “Buffet dei dolci” (wedding sweets buffet table) to the menu besides the wedding cake so that you can try them all!

Buffet Dolci

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