Italy Magazine on the Radio: Chatting with 'How To Tour Italy'

| Sat, 06/14/2014 - 03:30

Exciting news to share with you all!

This past week our new community manager, Georgette Jupe, was interviewed by How To Tour Italy, a wonderful website and radio show run by Italy lover Anthony Capozzoli. Anthony has been a faithful fan from our very beginning and we welcomed the chance to chat all about our updated site, properties available for sale, and especially our vibrant questions & answers community. ITALY Magazine is our passion, run by people whose aim is to create a very real community that shares their Italian experiences all in one place, through featured articles, recipes, interviews, a community forum, properties for sale and much more. 

Anthony's podcasts 'How to Tour Italy' are all about getting to know those who live, breathe and eat Italy on a daily basis, from bloggers to tour operators and anyone who wants to share what they love about the country with someone who is more than willing to listen. We recommend taking the time to download his (free) podcasts to get your dose of Italy on a daily basis - much more fun than listening to the morning traffic! 

You can listen to the podcast on Itunes or Blog Talk Radio and read Anthony's synopsis on our chat here.

Thanks again to Anthony for taking the time to feature us, grazie tanto from the ITALY Magazine team!