Qatar Sheik Plans to Build 2022 World Cup Stadium with Carrara Marble


Carrara marble has been quarried since ancient Roman times to build monuments such as the Pantheon in Rome and to sculpt statues such as Michelangelo’s David and La Pietà.

The famous and precious marble from the Apuan Alps of Tuscany has now been eyed by Qatar sheik Mohamed El Emadi, who has decided he will employ 40,000 tons of it to build both a 55,000-square-meter shopping center and the stadium complex that will host the 2022 World Cup, the Italian newspaper La Nazione has reported.

A local company,  TeknoSpedizioni, is taking care of the exports at a rate of 2,000 tons a month. The marble will be worked and processed in Qatar.

We can guess “the snow the gods made eternal” will not go unnoticed in the glaring sun of the Arab state.

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