Saint Valentine 2011 Gift Ideas

Mon, 02/07/2011 - 10:30

Saint Valentine's Day is approaching and can you think about anything more romantic than Amore Italiano as theme for your date?

Here are some romantic Italian gift ideas for your special Valentino or Valentina:

If you are planning a cosy night at home watching a movie you can choose an Italian classic like Il Postino or the most recent Incantato (Il cuore altrove) by Pupi Avati, winner in 2003 of an Italian Academy Award, Davide di Donatello, for Best Director.

Il Postino

In a small island, romantic postman Mario (Massimo Troisi) asks exiled poet Pablo Neruda (Philippe Noiret)’s help to express his love for the beautiful Beatrice (Mariagrazia Cucinotta) through poetry.
How could you miss Mario’s romantic metaphors on Saint Valentine day?

Il Postino on Amazon

Incantato aka Il Cuore Altrove

In this dazzling comedy set in the Rome and Bologna of the 1920s, Nello Balocchi (Neri Marcoré), 35, is a shy and clumsy man devoted to the academic world with a lack of interest in women.
His womanizing father (Giancarlo Giannini), who is a tailor for the Pope, sends Nello to teach Latin and Greek in a high school in Bologna hoping he will finally find a wife. After a series of mishaps, Nello finds himself at a ball in a home for blind women and falls in love with Angela, a beautiful society girl who lost her sight in an accident.
Angela changes his life completely and teaches him that there is a lot more to love than meets the eye.

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In love in Italy

And what about spending some time planning for a romantic getaway in Italy?
From the sensuous sound of water lapping against the walls of Venice's ancient palazzi to the breathtaking fragrance of citrus blossoms in Sicily, Italy is a country made for true romance.
In this book author Monica Larner guides you through Italy's most inspiring destinations, including exclusive hotels, and wonderful restaurants. And, you never know, after your Italy dedicated Saint Valentine’s evening you might find the chapter talking about getting married in Italy, quite useful!

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The perfect Italian soundtrack for you and your Valentine...

Eros Ramazzotti of course!

...e ci sei adesso tu a dare un senso ai giorni miei...

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And what about Elisa’s album Heart

vorrei viaggiare su ali di carta con te
sapere inventare
sentire il vento che soffia
e non nasconderci se ci fa spostare
quando persi sotto tante stelle
ci chiediamo cosa siamo venuti a fare
cos'è l'amore
stringiamoci più forte ancora
teniamoci vicino al cuore

Ti vorrei sollevare
Ti vorrei consolare

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Murano glass pendant

And since Amore (love) rhymes always with Cuore (heart) in Italian songs, seal your love with a Venetian Murano glass heart pendant.

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Food lovers can enjoy a special Italy magazine readers 10% discount on Lovesicily cookery holidays in Sicily. The cookery school is set in a beautifully restored family home, in the romantic baroque atmosphere of Modica city centre, in South-East Sicily. A way to enjoy Sicily through great food and wine, hands-on cooking classes, inspiring locations and wonderful people. The offer is valid until the end of February.

Buon San Valentino

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