San Faustino Day: The Singles Response to Valentine's Day

| Sat, 02/15/2014 - 03:00

Singles, rejoice - today is your day to celebrate!

Today is San Faustino, patron saint of the singles.

And many cities around Italy will host social events just for singles.

It all began as a joke, but in a few years, the website (Single life) has been able to create a very successful celebration on the day after Valentine’s Day: the Feast of San Faustino, when different cities around Italy each year organize a series of social events for singles, as an opportunity to meet new people (and therefore it is not intended as an anti-love or anti-couples celebration).

For this year’s events, participating cities include Milan, Turin, Catania and Rome. And if you’re single and not living in one of those cities, the organizers say, just hop on a train and get to the location closest to you so you can join in the festivities.

Make sure you also check what’s on around you, as during the years, the initiative has inspired many other cities to come up with events for singles on the 15th, so you may not have to travel far.