A ‘SUPER’ Ticket for Seven of Rome’s Most Extraordinary Archeological Sites

| Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:40
Roman Forum tickets

S.U.P.E.R., acronym for Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome,’ is the new cumulative ticket that gives access to seven sites within the Archeological Park of the Colosseum: besides the Colosseum itself, the Roman Forum and the Palatine, the special ticket includes a visit to seven sites that are normally closed to the public, or accessible only through guided visits or during special exhibitions.

The seven sites are the Criptoportico neroniano (the 130-meter tunnel where Caligula was thought to have been murdered, and which Nero later used to connect his Domus Aurea to the Palatine), the Palatine Museum, the House of emperor Augustus, the House of Livia (Augustus’ wife), the Aula Isiaca (an underground room belonging to a noble house from the Republican era, only recently reopened to the public), the temple of Romulus (built by emperor Maxentius in memory of his son Romulus), and Santa Maria Antiqua (one of the earliest surviving Christian churches in Rome, dating from the 6th century).

All these sites guard precious sculptures, paintings, decorations and architecture that allow visitors to dive into Roman art and civilization. For example, the House of Augustus, the home of Rome’s first emperor, on top of the Palatine Hill, features spectacular wall paintings and floor mosaics, considered among the best in the Roman world; in addition, the layout and architecture help understand the transformation of the Palatine Hill into the seat of imperial power, marking an important moment in Roman history, the passage from the Republic to the Empire.

The itinerary is made all the more fascinating by the presence of immersive technologies, such as video projections, lightmapping, and narrative voices.

With the exception of the Houses of Augustus and Livia, whose entrance can be booked in advance while purchasing the S.U.P.E.R. ticket on the CoopCulture website (see link below), access to the other five sites depends on availability. Visits to these sites have a set duration and number of people that can enter at any given time, so you will likely have to wait in line a bit. Also note that only the Criptoportico neroniano and the Palatine Museum are open every day; the other sites are open on alternate days. This is done because the sites contain rare paintings and sculptures which cannot accommodate the huge numbers of people who visit the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum (seven million in 2017).

The S.U.P.E.R. ticket is valid for two consecutive days (one entry to the Colosseum, two entries to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, one a day) and costs €18 (€20 if you book online). More information is available on the CoopCulture website.