Three Women of the Risorgimento, New Italian Documentary

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 05:20
Jessie White Mario

With its first screening on the 7th of March in Rome, the new documentary, Tre donne nel Risorgimento tra amore e rivoluzione (Three Women in the Risorgimento Between Love and Revolution”), analyses and highlights the role women played in the unification of Italy. Created by director, Alessandra Ciotti, and the director of the State Archive Library of Salerno, Maria Teresa Schiavino, the film tells the story of three women: Antonietta De Pace, Enrichetta di Lorenzo and Jessie White Mario (in the picture).

Stories of political passion, deeds and love, the three women were united by their dedication to the Italian Risorgimento and all three faced jail, trial and exile. Antonietta De Pace, from Lecce, was amongst the founders of the Female Political Committee of Napoli and helped organise an important part of the military campaign led by Garibaldi, la spedizione dei Mille (the Expedition of the Thousand).

Enrichetta di Lorenzo, from Campania, was the companion of Carlo Pisacane (Italian patriot and one of the first Italian socialist thinkers) and the protagonist of a tragic adventure of love and revolution. Jesse White, a young English journalist, embraced the Italian cause and fought alongside her future husband, Alberto Mario.

In May, the documentary will be shown at Palazzo della Regione in Florence for the occasion of an important conference dedicated to Jessie White Mario.