Update on ITALY Magazine Blogger Awards

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 14:02


The shortlists are out and you can now vote for the shortlisted blogs!

At the beginning of November we launched ITALY Magazine Blogger Awards, our way to recognise the incredible work and contribution of many passionate bloggers to building that "bridge to Italy" we care so much about.

We talk everyday to lovers of all things Italian across the web through our website, our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter, and consider bloggers who share the same passion for Italy a great resource for our readers. We were overwhelmed by the response. We've received dozens of nominations and are thrilled with the new blogs that we are discovering every day and the love these blogs show for Italy.

You can now check the list of blogs and blog posts which have already been nominated. If your favourite Italy related blogs are not there, you still have a couple of weeks to nominate them here. You can nominate more than one blogs and of course bloggers can nominate themselves!