Watch Out: Stevie Boi is Coming to Italy!

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 09:42
stevie boi

Today we publish our interview to young talented American fashion designer Stevie Boi, founder of the luxury eyewear line SB Shades.

His futuristic designs have been worn by many celebrities and singers such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Teyanna Taylor, Teairra Mari, Ester Dean, B-Scott, Michelle Rodriguez and even Anna Dello Russo, Editor of Vogue Nippon.

Stevie's shades are currently on the cover of Vogue Italia November issue shot by Steven Meisel with an additional six page spread entitled "The A Train" featuring pieces from his collection "Coexist". But Stevie's love for Italy goes back to the time he lived in Milan, his favourite Italian city. Find out more about his Italian connection below:

We know you lived in Italy for a while, where did you live exactly and what memories do you have about that time?

Wow! I lived in Milan and another part that I don't really remember! It was spectacular! I really miss the architecture and cultural history. The biggest memory I have was traveling & visiting the local museums. I do remember it being summer & me and my (military) family traveling back & forth to Germany.

What is your take on Italian fashion and who are the Italian designers you love the most?

When I think of Italian fashion i only think luxury, distinctive & one of a kind. In regards to designers, I love Stefano Gabbana personality he's so outgoing and just seems fun to be around. Plus his designs are phenomenal.

Stevie Boi

You claim that you and your mom are fanatics when it comes to horror movies and that most of your shades come from nightmares. Are you familiar with Italian horror movies and directors? Any specific movie who could have inspired you?

When I was about 7, that's when I remember watching the most scariest horror movies ever. I was actually living in Germany (Ramestien) I'm not to sure about Italian movie makers in but I'm a big fan of anything that is psychologically unbearable to watch and visually pleasing. CandyMan was the scariest movie I e ever seen & still bothers me till this day.

If you had to choose an Italian city to live in, which one would it be and why?

MILIAN (shouts out loud) I miss milan the best city ever! I just love the city the feeling and it's just so beautiful. But I also love Rome.

We know that fashion icon Grace Jones is the main celebrity who inspires you the most, but is there any Italian diva you would absolutely love to work with?

Yes! Anna Dello Russo. Without Anna there would be no Stevie Boi she is basically a mentor for me. She featured my glasses multiple times in Vogue magazine and even on the cover! My relationship with her is amazing and she continues to inspire me. I would love to work with more Italian moguls/fashion people.

Anna Dello Russo

You have quite a notable list of celebrities who wear your shades, including Lady Gaga, Trina, Rihanna, and Tyra Banks to name a few. Any Italian celebs already wearing SB-shades?

Aside from Anna, I have more American born Italian people wearing my deigns such as Giuliana Rancic.

This year you launched a successful called COEXIST, what is this collection about?

I released coexist last Feb & again for Mercedes Benz fashion week in Sept.

The collection was based around religion,culture & controversy. It features my best work. Majority of the line can be seen in different issues of Vogue as well as in many music videos.

Your amazing shades are currently on the cover of Vogue Italia. Any future plans regarding Stevie Boi in Italy?

Yes I will be in Italy hopefully in the next two months. I want to come there to meet new people as well as collaborate with other designers/artist etc. I'm currently focused on expanding the brand into as many markets & I feel Italy would really appreciate my creativity.