Wealthy Gucci Murderess Prefers Prison to Work

| Thu, 10/20/2011 - 04:03

Patrizia Reggiani is currently serving 26 years in prison for the murder of her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, but was recently offered a shot at freedom.

Reggiani was convicted in 1998 of hiring a hit man to kill Gucci, heir to the family fashion empire, who was shot dead on the steps in front of his Miami home in 1995.

With 13 years served, the Italian socialite was offered a get out of jail free card. All Reggiani had to do was agree to take a menial job, and she would be released from prison.

The wealthy prisoner promptly refused, telling the Milan court: "I've never worked in my life and I'm certainly not going to start now”.

The 63-year-old felon will serve out the rest of her sentence while caring for plants and her pet ferret in the penitentiary.

Reggiani will get to leave her jail cell periodically, even after turning down a chance at permanent freedom. The murderess is allowed twice-monthly visits to spend time with her ailing mother.