David in Danger Due to Delicate Ankles

Fri, 03/04/2011 - 04:12

Michelangelo’s most famous sculpture, the statue of David, could be at risk of collapse due to a new modern convenience.

A high-speed tunnel is scheduled to be built soon in Florence, and the underground tracks will pass with about 600 m of the statue. Some fear that the updated transportation could pose a threat to David and his delicate ankles.

The statue of David is full of micro-cracks and the sculpture’s ankles are known weak spots. It has been suggested that the vibrations from the super train could cause the cracks to expand and the masterpiece to collapse.

Architect Fernando De Simone presented a report to the Municipality of Florence, arguing that the sculpture should be moved from its current gallery to an underground museum.

Franca Faletti, director of the gallery, says there is nothing to worry about. The statue of David is constantly monitored and in excellent health, so fears of collapse could be overstated.