The Smallest Cinema in the World, In the Backseat of an Alfa Romeo

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 01:27

The world's smallest cinema won't be found in any building. Instead, the two-person movie theatre travels around Italy on four wheels. The Cortomobile is a cozy all-in-one movie house snuggly fitted into an Alfa Romeo.

The Cortomobile was born in Tuscany in 2006. It is now on an Italian tour, entertaining two moviegoers at a time in the back of a green 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000.

Cinema goers can choose short films (3-7 minutes) from the Cortomenù, a movie menu. You can order a primo, secondo, and dessert, all in the form of independent films.

The idea for the tiny mobile movie theatre came when Cortomobile creators were looking for a new way to distribute short independent films.

The Cortomobile has since made stops in Rome, Lecce, Bari, Florence, Rieti and more, bringing along creative films to go with the unique viewing experience.

For more information and future stops, visit or check out a short video (in Italian) below: