Study Encourages Americans to Dine Like Italians

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 06:30

With meetings and deadlines, American employees are likely to skip out on lunch. A new study from an Italian beer brand is working hard to make sure that Americans work a little less.

A survey by Birra Moretti finds that Americans are more stressed than Italian workers, and infrequent lunch breaks may be the culprit.

The study found that 100% of Italians take lunch every day, with 79% leaving the office for il pranzo.

Americans who reported never taking lunch were three times as likely to identify as “very stressed.”

The survey found that only 16% of Americans take the hour lunch break that they are entitled too. Possibly related, the amount of American women (21%) and men (14%) that claimed to be very stressed was almost double that of Italians (13% and 8%).

Now Moretti is on a mission to ensure that Americans learn from their Italian counterparts and take time to enjoy a real midday meal.

We’re sure they wouldn’t be opposed to the occasional afternoon beer, either.

Buon pranzo!