Buildings in Sicily on Sale for 1 Euro

Thu, 01/27/2011 - 06:39

The mayor of Gangi, Sicily has proposed a new plan to save the beautiful village near the Madonie mountains.

Mayor Joseph Ferrarello has proposed a sale price of 1 Euro for at-risk buildings in the historic center. The idea is to sell properties for private parties at a low price with the guarantee that the buildings will be fully restored. The mayor has faced major bureaucratic and political opposition, but the plan is meant to revitalize the depopulated town center, and promote tourism.

It is a win-win scheme to save the village: the city, which cannot afford the costs and difficulties of keeping up an old property, can easily relinquish it and the result will be a restored town center for Gangi.

The mayor hopes that the town can become a model of sustainability, art and urban renewal. His plan might just work- requests are pouring in and the first eleven buildings have already been scheduled for restoration.