What To Say At The Station: Alla Stazione

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 01:25

Here are a few words and expressions to help you out when travelling by train - in treno - in Italy.

La stazione - Station

Il binario - Platform

L’orario - Timetable

La carrozza - Carriage

Il biglietto - Ticket

La biglietteria - Ticket office

Il viaggio - Trip / Journey

If a train is arriving, it is in arrivo or if it is leaving, it is in partenza. If it is late, it is in ritardo or if it is early, it is in anticipo. Once on the train, you may want to ask if a seat is free - È libero questo posto?

And an expression you hopefully won’t need when travelling by train in Italy is lo sciopero dei treni - train trike ... Buon viaggio!

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