Word of the Week: COLOMBA

Thu, 04/02/2015 - 02:05
wikimedia commons colomba

A time for celebration and classic recipes. Easter is almost here and so is our latest word to get you excited: colomba, our Word of the Week.

La colomba (female noun), a traditional Italian cake made in a dove shape for the Easter celebrations, the word itself actually means ‘Easter dove.’ The cake itself is very similar to the panettone and pandoro, the cakes you probably already associate with the Christmas holidays.

The traditional recipe uses the classic ingredients of sugar, yeast, flour, eggs, butter and topped with pearl sugar and almonds.  

Instead of a song, we found this fun recipe for ‘colomba’ made by Walks of Italy so that you can make your own version of this cake that will be adorn every Italian table on April 5th. For more Italian recipes, browse our list here