Anyone know anything about HD?

HelenMW Image
08/05/2009 - 14:54

I have a Series 5 Samsung full HD TV and bought an HD hard drive. I'm able to watch things from the hard drive when it's connected to the TV using the AV cables but when I try and connect using the HDMI cable I either can't get it to read the hard drive at all or I get pictures but no sound- any advice?



Hi,This may sound garbled because I'm giving you this info third hand. Go to your set up menu on your hard drive and select HD Input - you MAY have to use an optical cable from the hard drive into the TV IF the TV has an optical in.Alternatively,Apparently this is the same as configuring a playstation -so go and find a teeanger to do it for you.Not sure if this is a help or a hindrance - but good luck anyway!