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01/31/2012 - 12:16

I've recently had my meter connected to Enel, but its site does not seem to like my codice fiscale which it wants in order to see my services. Was wondering if anyone has used it? was going to ask here before I try and phone them up from uk...cheers,



I use the related site and although I registered successfully, it wouldn't recognise my client number. I rang the numero verde and they could offer no help re the website so you might not get any help over the phone.  I hunted around on the site and found a way to email them. A day or so later, someone called me, rather to my surprise, and confirmed what I already suspected i.e. that my supply is currently a building site supply and for some reason that prevents access to the site. So I suggest first double-checking that the codice fiscale you are entering matches what is shown on any documents you have from My Enel and, if so, try and contact them through the site.

Not sure pas55 but I think that some Italian organisations won't let you pay with a credit card which has not been issued in Italy for example when I tried to pay my Italian TV licence online to one of the businesses which collects money on behalf of the Agenzie delle Entrate (or whoever it is) my UK credit card kept getting rejected.  In the end I did manage to pay it to Equitalia.  I had a similar problem trying to pay a Telecom Italia bill online a couple of years ago.  It looked as if it had gone through but hadn't.  I have now set up Direct Debits through my Italian Bank account and, for a charge, they pay the ENEL, Energas, Sky and Telecom Italia bills for me.  Have you thought of doing that?  For a smallish charge they take the hassle away from you.

Re my earlier post, pass55, I went online to check my last ENEL bill and it definitely says that you can only pay by credit card online with cards issued in Italy - "Le carte di credito valide sono quelle emesse in Italia dai circuiti: Visa, Diners e Mastercard". There is a webpage which tells you how you can pay your bill - link below - and the last method is for people abroad and says you can pay by bank transfer.  It gives you IBAN etc and all the things you need to know to make the transfer - but I think you should check what charges, if any, this method would incur.

You are absolutely right - I too have always avoided using my middle name and have occasionally had my CF rejected as not being correct when I have omitted to include the middle name when registering on various sites. Wretched codice fiscale - publicises year of birth and middle names you might prefer to forget!

I've just discovered the problem. When I went for the online form filling 'contact us' page - it wants your codice fiscale there too, but the form said it was invalid almost immediately - as I'm a bit of a techie I deduced this could only be checked via script on the web page - sure enough looking at the web page source - as the codice fiscale is derived from one's name - there is some local checking taking place. My problem was that my CF had both my first name AND my middle name whch I rarely used. I had failed to use my middle name too when registering on enel....grrr :)

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I'm having the same problem but I have used my middle name in my codice fiscale AND registering on 'myenel' and my CF is still coming up as invalid......if I had hair I'd pull it out angry............anyone got any !

I did open up a 'conto estero' with Unicredit while I was there specifically for this type of thing but as I see the charges adding up I am quickly wondering if I should have bothered! I still have not seen my ENEL bill online yet but I think that may be becuase they havn't issued my first one yet - I only got connected 2 weeks ago...

I found out from emailing the Enel webmaster that there are in fact two separate sectors in ENEL, free market and the old one - I was going down the wrong leg! So, finally last week I managed to virtually view my bill for the first time and found out I had one day to pay it before it was 'late' Then I found out from my bank Unicredit that with my account being for non-residents (estero) the option to do the easy 'pay my ENEL' was not possible, I would have to pay by using the 'bonfico estero option'. I am now waiting the 5 working days to see if it turns up against my ENEL account...even though it was in effect going from one Italian bank to another in the same currency.

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At this point you have to click on one of the two options - probably the one you want is Mercato Maggior Tutela' then it assks for your customer number - then your in! Les

Belvedere, Do you have the email you used to contact the please? I looked at the site but could not find it.

Hi wonder if anyone can give me some quick advice? I'm a Brit, temporarily living in Spain with a little house in Abruzzo. For some time I've been sending a neigbour money to pay Enel etc, but it's time I started to do things for myself. I need to do a bank transfer from Spain as I don't think I can use either my Spanish or British accounts to pay Enel directly. I need to find the right IBAN/Bic code to make a payment to Enel urgently. Problem is I have found a webpage on the Enel site 'pagamento dall'estero' that gives the IBANs of several banks. Problem is whhich of them is correct for my area in Abruzzo or are any of them ok to use? I don't want to be paying the wrong account, because then i would have to get the bank to reverse the transaction. The other problem is that I will have to change the name on the account, but that is another question. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.