Ciao tuttiI'v a small property in

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09/21/2016 - 17:20

Ciao tuttiI'v a small property in the south of Lazio ( inherited  actually) for a refurb,which i will use as a holiday pad.Even though i am myself a builder, i thought it would be easier to get the work done by someone.However the estimate was extortionate,and as someone in the trade in the UK i knew more or less what it should have been.So my question is, if i were to buy a kitchen and bathroom here in the uk,and transport it here to do myself, are the plumbing fixings compatable with Italian plumbing componants. i know...bit of a geeky question  !smileyTony



I am really astounded, for what you say,  Have you tried to look for what you need  on -  On, you can find whole kitchen furniture to less than 1000 euro.  > arredamenti e casalinghi > lazio  example >

Hi  UgoThanks for your reply....i was thinking of transporting a kitchen and bathroom( and as much other things as i can fit in my Trasit van)from the uk from my normal supplier here.However next time i'm over there in November, ill investigate local suppliers.Thanks again

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Before loading the new merchandise, to bring it in Italy, check that you do not have customs documents to pass through customs, perhaps it would be better to declare that what transport is used and owned by you.  Certainly with toilet and sink and faucets, will be a little difficult, you declare that you have removed from the house in the uk :)

"So my question is, if i were to buy a kitchen and bathroom here in the uk,and transport it here to do myself, are the plumbing fixings compatable with Italian plumbing componants." Why not buy the kitchen and bathroom in Italy [cheaper than UK] and fit it yourself?

Eastburn, I'm not far from you in cassino just down the road at Formia actually, there are loads of shops for kitchens and bathrooms in and around cassino and San Giorgio a liri, cost is around the same, but if you travel a bit further (mondo convienza etc) you will find they are cheaper !....

Hi Castleforte, Thanks, i've looked into buying locally and on reflection it will probably be easier.Just need to find someone to do a rewire and replumbing at normal rates. my other quote for the work was over the top( probably because i live in the uk and he thinks i'm loaded).San giorgio is only a couple of  miles from me, and i know FormiaThanks

Hi eastburn,I don't see any problems with compatability.But as mentioned by the other members it would be logistically easier from Italy and also in my opinion cheaper.My immediate suggestions:GAS FITTING work and the associated italian requirements.Have all your paperwork in order when you do the refurb works. For any future sale or rental you may need it to be signed off.Don't forget the bidet ! As I think there is some law regarding having one.If the property is in a built up area(in town, close to neighbours) its best to get the paperwork in order. If its in the country/detached you could be more lapsed, but its always best to check the status of rural properties.if you want me to have a look at your quotes for a 2nd opinion feel free to send(delete any personal info)      

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