Credit card not working, could be the royal mail!

02/21/2012 - 18:06

If you have property in UK you might contemplate redirecting your mail to Italy during your sojourn. Please be aware that the mail people, despite you paying quite a lot of money might mistakenly send your mail from your bank back to the bank. This will set in train a process blocking your credit card because they think you have moved without telling them! Also mail can be mistakenly plonked thro your UK letter box including such things as new car tax discs.It has happened to me and it took a lot of persuasion before I got any compensation.You might like to think of some other provision. I post this more in sadness than in anger!



Can't say I've had a problem with Royal Mail; we've just returned from an extended trip to the UK  and had our mail redirected back from our daughters house, and a credit card was duly redirected and arrived 2 days later here in Italy. Obviously there can be the odd cock up with RM but overall we and some freinds have had top rate service from them. The only niggle being that Junk Mail also gets redirected.