Does any one know in terms of the IMU

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05/06/2016 - 07:59

Does any one know in terms of the IMU charges, who qualifies as a relative and if that person has to become a resident? My parents lived in my house in 2013 but had to go to the UK every 2-3 months for medic al reasons. They are both europeans and had no reason to become residents. The commune has charged me for an unoccupied empty house and I need to make clear to them that the contraray was so. Any one out there better informed that me? Thanks so much for any helps. Cheers 


If you're talking about IMU and your relatves werent resident then you would pay 2a casa rates on the house.  There is no deduction for an unoccupied house unless it isnt fit for habitation and declared to be so.   However it depends on your status as the owner - if its you are resident  then in 2013 you would have had deductions.  If its for TARI/TARSU then this depends on wherher there is a resident or not - a nonresident usually gets a discount on hte rubbish tax because they0re not there all year.  

Thanks for your reply. So basically my family would have had to register to be recognized. Unfortunately I had to leave Italy and discontinued my residency in the first half of 2013. I was never sent any invoices or reminders at all regarding IMU until December 2015. Trouble is the commune are very disorganized and now hit me for 4 years at once and add 50% fines on top. We would gladly have paid them at the due times - just did not know. Never sent any information at all. Am trying to sell the house since my husband suddenly died last year and while I have nothing against paying the taxes I simply cannot do it all at once.

IMU is a tax so its up to you to calculate and pay it.  If you dont the comune will just forward the wholedebt along to the debt collection agency who will then add hefty sanctions.  It is not the comunes fault that you didnt know.   IN Italy ignorance is no defence.  However you will need to have all your taxes and fees paid and up to date by when you sell the house. 

Thanks for the info. In the four countries I have lived in or friends or family - the authoirites always post an invoice or at least  statement as to how much is due and when for  property, even if it is the same amouunt every year. We were not informed at any time, neither by the Notary or any one else that we'd just have to struggle through and work it out somehow even though it changes all the time. So another thing learned about Italy. 

Modi and others are absolutely correct and all the people we know here, especially those on forums, are well aware that it is their responsibility to calculate and pay their taxes. We were very lucky when we first came here as our comune tax guy calculated ours for us, but he did show us how to do the calculation and let us know we should be doing so. Since then there are now a number of sites with calculators making it quite simple.