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05/22/2009 - 10:32

Hi Folks,Following on from my post about Washing Machines (thanks for all of your responses) was just wondering about TV's HiFi's etc. Have been advised by Panasonic that providing we have a satellite dish and decoder we can use our TV in Italy. We also have a HiFi system which was recently purchased in the UK and presume that providing we have the correct plug adaptor it will be OK. Can anyone share their experiences.Thanks 



Hi sognoWhy bother with adaptors if you can wire an English plug then you will find it easier to wire an Italian plug.  Italian 3 pin plugs do not carry a fuse.  Any electrical shop sells them: you can get a cheap one or an expensive one like Btcino, which is a little bit easier to wire.  I suspect your TV and Hifi systems are not portable, then I would not bother with adaptors!  I only use adaptors with electronic equipment that uses low voltage adaptors.  Even then when you buy the equipment you can always ask for an international version!  If you are going to use adaptors on an extension lead with multi sockets I would advise that you get one with a switch.  I switch mine off at night to save electricty: I do not use stanbys. Most modern TV should work in Italy: if you have any doubt look up the specifications for your model on the manufacturer's site.  Italy is also going digital for TVs: if you want a Mediaset terrestrial box you can always ask your local supplier to let you try it on your TV first.  I use to carry my Sky box between the UK and Italy.  I do not do that anymore: not having BBC or ITV does not bother me ( I buy the DVDs of the English TV series on Amazon when they are cheap and then I can watch as many repeats as I want): I subcribe to SKY Italy and unlike SKY UK you can choose the language: I watch all the films and series (CSI and all the usual suspects) in their original language.  SKY Italia also have BBC Prime, BBC World and SKY news channels.  I also subscribe to SKY calcio and watches all the Chelsea FC matches live (some of the matches are also broadcast with English commetary or Italian on another channel.  If you do not like the commentaries you can alwys switch the sound off!  I think they show most of the Premier League matches live on Saturday, Sunday and Mondays.  Subscribing to SKY Italia has also hepled improve my Italian, although I still enjoy English spoken TV in Italy.  Some of the England matches are also shown on Sports Italia! It is worth checking out when England is playing!  I am swithing off SKY cinema: I find it is not worth it I plan to watch the new films on their Prima Fila channels: cheaper than going to the movies or buying the DVD! Good luck!

A word of warning about using Italian plugs with adaptors.If you unplug and plug in again in a short time, ie to reset a device, and accidentally plug in the other way around [180deg] some devices have capacitors for stabilizing the power supply and plugging the other way around could blow a sensitive device. I suggest you put a mark on the plug and socket so to always plug in the same way.

Great suggestions for adaptors - I can wire an English plug so will give the Italian one a go, though I will take some adaptors just in case .Re SKY TV - we are taking our current UK SKY HD Box with us and have been recommended a company called INSAT to get a viewing card (once we have the dish installed) - have you heard of these people Serge? Your suggestions sound great so your opinion would be welcome.  Plus how does one go about getting SKY Italy installed, does it depend where one is in Italy and can one also get HD?Hope you don't mind the follow up questions... 

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Excuse me for being a little dim but can you define hefty ... was going to use for TV/DVD/HDbox & Surround sound all currently plugged into one socket on the wall via way of extension plug.  

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About 3.5 Amps [it says what it is on the adaptor] 3.5 amps equals about 800 Watts - add up the amounts given on the labels on the various equipment  

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Hey alan h, can you come and sort my electrics out?We opted for the top of the range 6 things Italian electric supply.  Magic.If we switch the electric kettle on when the oven's running - BANG!  Out in the rain to trip the switch!If we put the dishwasher on when the oven's running - BANG! Another trip in the rain. And whenever we have a female visitor from England: BANG! BANG! BANG! as she uses her bl**dy hairdryer.Mind you we're trim and fit from all the exercise we get running to switch the supply back on.So when can you pop round alan h?  

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No need - Kettle - ditch it and get one to use on your cooker hob - and hopefully that's a gas hobDishwasher - fit a timer is so it only runs between 2 and 5 in the morningHairdryer -  get an Italian one [they do some nice low wattage ones] , and hide the adaptors  or stop using the bl**dy cooker so much!  .

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You are alan h (as ever) sooo right.Have now bought a whistling kettle for the (gas) hobNow only run the dishwasher at night (or get Mrs C to do it by hand[the washing up, that is])Have hidden the adaptors so visitors can't plug in their hairdryers andNow that summer's here cook outside over wood embers on our Italian-style BBQ.Job done?Not quite!  We allow Paolo, our next door farming neighbour, to tap into our electric supply (in the interests of good relations etc etc).  No problem until he decides to milk his goats.  BANG!Can you get more than 6 kilothings in Italy? 

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Yes you can - the old forum had someone on who had 12kW - although 3kW is fine for most peopleYou can upgrade to various levels of supply – it depends on your supplier and his infrastructure [the wires to your house] For more info - I suggest you use the ‘search’ facilty of the ”old place” on;- http://www.italymag.co.uk/forums/   There you’ll find such things as http://www.italymag.co.uk/forums/cost-living-utility-services/10666-6-kw-how-much-does-really-cost.html  .