End of the work

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06/02/2009 - 15:25

We've now finished the work we got permission for from the commune and the next step is to pay the geometra who drew up the plans €2000 to register the paperwork at the catasto (it's been so long I'm not sure I remember the right words - permesso? catasto?). But I was wondering if it's even necessary now that ICI's gone.Anyone know?  Thanks.



Welcome Stokles.   ICI is a separate issue, and is still payable on a holiday home or if you are an Italian  resident with a second Italian home . regards, sempre_italia

sympathy... deepest... and congratulations.......it has to be registered as it now  for legal reasons.... and it doesnt really matter about your residency...  but the fact is all changes have to be registered in this way...they also use the calculations off the sq m. to do your rubbish tax... so even if resident the vigili visits and checks out how much habitable property there is..........no real idea of what you changed and how your comune charges... they are all different...however make sure you get the receipt from the geometra with all the tax/registration and bollos he paid listed... or even ask him how it breaks down...ie what he has to pay to the comune and what hes taking for doing it all... in general have found that its the comune that takes the lions share... especially if its the same geometra you have paid for the project....................hopefully now you can enjoy the place.......