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07/26/2012 - 16:26

Fiat is coming back to the USA market with a bang! They are aggressively advertising their 2012 model of the Cinquecento and offering it on lease with prices starting at 200 USD monthly and no entry payment. Their advertising is great and I am sure that they will be very successful. Have a look at their "immigrants" advertising currently showing in San Francisco, our youngest daughter is buying hers on Saturday. A black one...



It's really a Panda with a stylish bodyshell. Our car in Italy is a diesel Panda and it's a great car, as it's a very practical load carrier, whereas the 500 is compromised by its shape; it's a bit narrow at shoulder/head height and doesn't have the hatch. Style over substance - so the 500 will obviously be the bigger seller by far! TK

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We went for a Sedici, PERFECT for the hills and white roads round where we are..............we have had a irritable 'Engine Management' light appear recently, the Fiat garage in the UK said it was a 'glitch' ! oo-err ! S

I think that FIAT may be flooding the American market, I do not think that Chrysle will have the same sort of opportunities in Italy. I wanted to post the FIAT ad shown at the American Super Bowl, but I am having problems pasting it. You can findit very easily in You TUbe using the search words FIAT USA SUPER BOWL SEDUCTION. Great advertising!!!

"I have a 500 and its nothing, nothing like a Panda.  It accelerates". Underneath that fancy body, it's a Panda. Chassis, suspension, engines, gearbox, all sorts of bits. As it happens, the 100 hp Panda will see off many a 500, but who tf buys either of them for acceleration? Great for shopping (Panda) or posing (500) but for performance you'll need to get your real car out and leave the runabout at home.

Well, just an update, my daughter bought yesterday her new Fiat 500 POP, a gorgeous little black car with sunroof and air conditioning. According to the FIAT people, she will only spend some 1800 USD in gasoline a year. She also got a great deal, as they reduced the cost of the extras. She was thrilled! While we were there, they sold three more cars, so they are doing very well. According to the information, the transmission comes from Italy, the engine is American and the assembly is done in Mexico. I think that it will be very positive for FIAT. And now, all of my daughter friends want to own a FIAT 500!!!!