Fingers crossed. Tenancy Agreement.

05/18/2013 - 14:47

Hi everyone. Its a while since I posted anything and it looks like I chosea good time to post a request for help.Ok we have a villa consisting of two appartments in Cassino which wehave rented out to the odd holiday maker,but not to a great success. We have been approached by an Italian family Who wish to rent theground floor appartment for one year. Its furnished, new and we need toprovide a tenancy agreement preferably in English and Italian. Mmmm,I hear you say you'll be lucky! Is there such an item? Are there any tips?I look forward to hopefull replies     


You need a standard contratto transitorio which is valid for up to 18 months for furnsihed accommodation.  It will need to be registered at teh Agenzia dell'Entrate within 30 days of being signed, and paid for.  Make sure you buy the marca di bollo on or before the date of signing of the contract or you are in big trouble.  You will need 2 of 14.62 each (as long as its less than 4 pages) and 2 complete copies (or 3 if you all want an original each in which case 3 marchi di bollo).  You will need to decide whether you put the utilities in the renters name, and you must now also complete all the catastal details in the rental contract - ie foglio, particella, class etc.  You should be able to find an example contract online - but I presume you want the English version for you not the renters?