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01/02/2010 - 16:09

Hi everybody, just signed up to your group today,  so introductions.. We are a family living in Norfolk UK and  booked an unbelievable holiday in Tuscany , August last year. Our  teenage children cant wait to get back, nor can my wife and I. Came across this site  on New Years day, when Granddad came around with a bottle of home made Sloe Gin that is 20 years old, and was wondering if fit for consumption, spotted on this site some comments about 30 year old Sloe Gin! So will leave a post for  the member  with the comment.   Have many questions to ask about Italy, and offer in return knowledge gained when travelling to Italy, Pisa, Bagni di Lucca, Lucca, Florence, Lake Guarda , Venice, (On a very tight  budget),   Gone to check Ryan Air for Easter.


Hi and thanks for joining and for your introduction. It's always great to hear from new members and their experience of Italy.  happy you joined us for the new year (il nuovo anno). Tuscany is a wonderful region which has a lot to offer to his visitors. Hope Italy Magazine and the Italy Community will be able to help you to find out more about other great places to visit in Italy. Keep you updated through our Travel stories Buon Anno

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Getting There by Road

  By Coach - http://www.eurolines.com/ Not the easiest site to use – try phoning them (tel: 0870 514 3219 or 0871 781 881, runs regular coach services from the UK to Italy. Passes: Travellers can book a 15- or 30-day pass. Available from Eurolines (website:   By Car – lots of advice on the Italymag forums – use the search facility for routes and accommodation recommendations   Norfolk Line - http://www.norfolkline.com/ferry/?campaign=searchgoogle&kw=Norfolk%20Lines&gclid=COy4yYjLip8CFY8A4wodjDsmJw   have some good deals on Channel crossings at present  [Use code EBF for a £10 discount]

 Welcome Agnelli.  I am glad you enjoyed your holiday in Tuscany and good luck with your plans to visit again soon.  There are so many amazing and varied regions/cities to see.  I have a home there and get to visit 5 or 6 times a year but when we go to Italy we mainly go to the house and then visit my relatives who live in the vicinity so we don't often get to see other places other than those we pass on the way down to Northern Lazio! Best wishes.