Hi everyone, my name is Jewelz and I

05/13/2019 - 08:07

Hi everyone, my name is Jewelz and I'll be travelling to Italy early in June this year for 10 weeks stay in Fivizzano. I'm looking to enhance my experience this year by getting involved in some additional working activity and learning more of the language and of the local area. I'll be looking after one property while I'm there and so I'm genuinely looking to meet people who may need a calm, practical confident, outgoing and helpful English speaker to compliment a hospitality business of some description??I will also have a car during my stay.Look forward to hearing from you Best wishes 



Hi There,Yes I sure will. I spent last summer there as well and so can honestly tell you it's a fantastic part of Italy, friendly and welcoming and a slow and social pace to life. Keep in touch Julian