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01/11/2017 - 04:48

Hi I am looking to purchase a property in Italy and  have researched various locations. My requirements are for Good rail/flight connections from the UK within 1000 miles from London. This is so a driving is s sensible option.I looked at Lombardy, Liguria and Tuscany. I settled on Liguria becasue of its wonderful climate and being so close to the Cote D'azure. i found Liguria to have wonderful scenery and coastline and lots of properties avilable not far from the coast. The door to door journey from my home was very quicker than expected ie Luton to Nice flight hire car to San remo about 1 hour. For me Liguria offers a lot and having driven their comfortably in 1.5 days with overnight stay it seemed to work for me. Does anyone else have experience of  owning a home  for living/holidaying in Liguria.? Thanks



Umbria ?  direct fly to London > https://www.ryanair.com/it/it/voli-low-cost/perugia-a-londra-stansted?out-from-date=2017-01-13&out-to-date=2017-10-28

Have you tried Piemonte,it  borders with Liguria but the cost of property is more competitive. It is serviced by Torino, and Milan malpensa airports and also a smaller airport at Cuneo. All are easily accessible in fact Genova is also within 45 minutes from where we live.It is a vast area so there is quite a diverse countryside,  vineyards, mountains, lakes, etc. etc.We bought here 2012 and moved 4 years ago and have not regretted a moment.Even though we have a huge renovation project. If it is of any help to you read my blog www.juliasitaliangarden.com  I started it to try and help other crazy people like us to take the plunge.  Julia.  

Hi Julia I have had problems with my logon so am on a temporary account at the moment. Thank you for sending the link to your blog. Your property and garden are stunning. We settled on a small rustic apartment in the Argentine Valley about 10 miles from the coast in Liguria. The decision was made based upon scenery and ease of travel from where I live in the UK. I used to live in Provence in the 1970s and feel at home being close to the border. I have always loved Italy and prefer it to France for various reasons even though my family are originallyf rom France. Last weekend I stunned by the wonderful snow capped mountain views. I will look forward to reading  your blog and once again many thanks.My name is Ian but unable to get a sensible user name on the temporary account.

Ugo  you are clearly mistaken firstly my name is spelt Julia and secondly I do not have any business/company other than enjoying writing stories about my life here . Yes you may have been around and you have a business in Abruzzo. ? Which is a Vested interest , Exactly what your business is I am unsure especially as you seem so informed as to my affairs of which  you are completely misguided. If you had read my blog you may have understood things a little better before making comment. I am certainly not a professional writer. Perhaps one day when we finish the renovation we may open a b and b but I do not anticipate that being in the immediate future. So actually the reason I answered the question was basically to draw the persons attention to Piemonte and suggest he reads my blog to give an insight into life here. To be honest it wouldn't matter where you are in Italy the experiences we have had which I write about in the blog would be helpful. If you note I have had many complimentary comments re the stories and I know people enjoy them. I do actually enjoy writing them. I again reiterate I do not have any gain monetary or personal.   

Yes I agree with Julia, often Ugo it is not clear if you write something that sound obnoxious on purpose or by mistake, maybe you are trying to write something intelligent but just not able to express yourself properly.Therefore Ugo kindly clarify your comment, and if indeed you are being"Ugo the Ogre"or"Ugo the Good" .

Dear "Pensecola,I'm italian estate agent. If you are still lokking for a property in Liguria, I have in my portfolio a nice apartment placed in the center of Ospedaletti.If so, I'll be happy to provide  you with all the info.Un caro saluto dall'Italia 

Hi,  Three years ago we bought a holiday apartment in a village two kilometres in from the coast and midway between Sanremo and Imperia. Being retired, we make 3 visits a year to Liguria, each of about 5 weeks. Our reasons for choosing that area were pretty much the same as yours: Easy access by road and air from the UK; best climate of anywhere in northern Italy; close proximity to both sea and mountains. We also wanted to buy in an area which was relatively unfrequented by English speaking visitors. This is because we wanted to be able to improve our Italian by practising on the locals, something which is very hard to do in areas where all the traders, waiters , etc. speak excellent English for the benefit of tourists.Prior to our purchase, we explored the coastal areas of Western Liguria pretty thoroughly, so may well be able to help with any queries about the pros and cons of particular locations. One thing to be aware of is that many of the villages with views down to the sea also have views of or noise from the Autostrada. This was something we very much wanted to avoid and so we made our purchase in one of the few villages not so affected.Please feel free to contact us about any aspect of buying or owning a holiday home in Western Liguria.

Thank you for your comment. My account stopped working and had trouble re-starting it so I'm on a temporray log on. Your views on Western Liguria are very useful to me. I was there last weekend and made an offer in a village about 10 miles from the coast. This is as yous say for the noise of the motorway. I settled on the Argentine Valley because of the stunning scenery and proximity to the coast. I looked at  the wonderfuil places that people had suggested  but  in teh end the decision was based on scenery proximity to the coast and ease of travel. The village is within 1 hour from Nice airport which helped me make the decision. The train from London is also a viable option. Italy is such an amazing place and having live in Provence in the 1970s it seemed not far from 'home' in a funny way being so close to the border.

Hi Ian,Thankyou for your kind comments, I am pleased you have found an area you wish to settle in. It was probably the best time to view as I guess now is the worst time to see anywhere here, we also bought our house in January, 5 years ago . We felt if we liked it at its worse it could only get better and it certainly did. Do not worry about the spelling mistake with  my name I couldn't allow Ugo away with it because he felt the need to make a derogatory comment about my original message to you. Wish you all the best with your new home.

distinguished lady G. I have not made any derogatory comments, I just posted a link to a few pages of my site, where all readers  can find some information about the Italian bureaucracy.The fact that  you talk in this way, only means that you have not read the pages and did not understand the spirit of the link. Focusing instead on an innocent spelling error, due to another not to me but to the translator of Google :)