hi, I have got a uk full licence for

10/18/2015 - 16:28

hi, I have got a uk full licence for car and light motors. i want to convert it in italian patente di guida. please advise me which documents required and how much is the fee to convert. I can speak italian and have level 1st diploma. thanks. I got driving licence in 2013 from UK. 



Your UK licence is valid in Italy until its expiry.  If you want to surrender it early, thats your choice, but itwill cost you.  You need to go to your doctor and sort out a eye test certificate which is obligaory.  Go to your local motirizzazzione and tell them you want to convert your licence and they will sort it out.  Licences cost more in ITaly than the UK and depending on your age have to be renewed more often.   Id hang on to you your UK/EU licence for as long as possible. 

Be aware that if any UK licence was obtained by exchange for another countries licence e.g. Canada to UK, then there may be a problem. Friends of ours went through the process with ACI and spent an age trying to exchange a UK (prev Canada) for an Italian licence. Finally they were told it could not be done as there was no agreement with Italy and Canada. Obviously this may not be the situation here, but best people know about it.