Hi, I posted a question yesterday

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05/26/2015 - 05:21

Hi, I posted a question yesterday regarding buying furniture in Italy. We are living in the west of Ireland and are starting a big rennovation on our home soon. We love everything about Italy and spend all our holidays there. I am looking for modern, good quality white leather sofas, armchairs and dining tables and chairs. I cannot get the style i want anywhere in this country and i do not want to buy from the UK as it is way too expensive with the Sterling. I would greatly appreciate any help in advising me on good Italian websites where i can buy online. We are also willing to travel for a few days and from research, i understand the Brianza area outside Milan is a good place for furniture and it would be relatively easy for us to get there. Can anyone please recommend stores or factories in that area or any tips on buying furniture in Italy, payment etc. I was advised to buy my bathroom suites in Italy also as the stores here import everything anyway so I could probably get something alot more stylish for less money. This is a Genuine request! We have waited 9 years to do this rennovation and i desperately want to do it right. It is a very modern design and as i said, i cannot source the furniture to match anywhere here. Please help ! Thanking you all in advance.



You may also find information at www.webmobili.it not only for Brianza manufacturers and retailers, but also for other regions. Brianza is certainly a hub for modern design and furniture. In any case, I would strongly recommend you to do a trip before purchasing. Good luck with your project smiley

Thank you so much Gala Placidia. I guess a trip to Italy is a must so, (any excuse!). We were hoping to go on holidays there either next month or September. Ideally we'd like to get the furniture as soon as possible though so a short trip to Milan it'll have to be for now. Would 3 days be enough? Gala, could you recommend any other regions in Italy to buy furniture? We have yet to visit Puglia and a combined shopping/holiday would be great. Thanks again

Tammy, there are quite a few furniture manufacturers in Italy, practically in every region. This list may be of help http://www.ezilon.com/regional/italy/business_and_economy/furniture/index.shtmlBrianna and the area surrounding Milan is very well known ( I have a Spanish friend who is an interior decorator and she goes there at least a couple of times every year) but there are also manufacturers in Puglia. You may need to go through their catalogues to do a pre-selection but you definitely need to inspect the items and make arrangements in situ. I would say that you will need a week.Sorry if I cannot be of more assistance. Although I do admire modern furniture and design, in Italy I concentrate more on vintage and antique furniture because our home goes back to the 17th Century smiley

Thanks a million Gala, all your information has been of great help. Do you mind me asking if you know if the stores in the Brianza area are very expensive or are there some mid range? I was never one for super modern furniture and i always wanted a traditional wooden kitchen but again, our architect came up with an amazing design that we could never have envisaged and therefore I have to go with the modern look. Its an exciting challenge now as I've had to completely rethink everything. And our planning came through yesterday so its all go from now onsmiley.

Tammy, as far as I know, there is a bit of everything in the Brianza area. They even have outlets, although I would say that you may have to look into the upper range to comply with your architect's vision. In any case, Italian kitchens are extremely well designed so you will be shopping in the right place. Once again, best wishes regarding your project. These are very exciting times for you. Enjoy! smiley

Hi TammyWe bought our item's direct from the store and picked them up you should they keep most things in stock.Quality something akin to Habitat if that helps.

Someone did query my original post LargeLewis!!! They thought i was pretending to pose a queation so i could advertise! They obviously reported my post as it was removed immediately, can you believe that! It was my very first time posting on this site (or any other site for that matter). To say I was slightely perplexed and upset is an understatememt. So glad I gave it another try as the replies have been so helpful. Any advise your good self?smiley