Hi, I really need advice please!I am

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09/21/2017 - 09:55

Hi, I really need advice please!I am British and moved to Tuscany with my wife and 2 daughters aged 5 and 9 on 25th Aug 2017. We intend to stay one year only, we have rented a home. I remain working in UK and am commuting 1 week Italy, 1 week UK. I continue to pay UK tax.We had prepared and the girls were accepted into school.My wife and daughters went to apply for Italian Residence, though we're told they do not have too apply as they are only here for 1 year and are European Citizens ( for now). they can continue at school without residence? However my wife and  applied and received a Code Fiscinica.I have been told by the bank that I do not have to declare my wages in Italy and have no tax obligations to Italy.We cannot register with the doctors though as I do not pay tax to Italy? The European Health Card will only do for emergencies. I get the sense no one actually knows what we should be doing. is there a central place for accurate advice? or can anyone out there help please.The doctors the most important to us, so en if you have th answer would help.Many ThanksGary  


Hi Gary
Not unusual here in Italy for a Comune to either not know the correct regulation or can't be bothered (especially if asked just before their holidays) to deal with your request... You could have a look around this official site for the information, but you will find after 3 months an EU citizen should be applying for residency. Then again it could just be they think it's not worth your while. https://www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/10619
As to health cover, I can understand with 2 children you would be concerned and perhaps the best and simplest solution would be to get private health cover for the year.
Regards tax, more than 182 days in Italy and you could well be liable for tax there, so be careful.

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Many Thanks. That is exactly the same info I had gathered before I moved here, but to be told different from the local council office, bank manager and local doctor has confused the heck out of me.  We are looking into private medical cover, though did hope that with residency we could register with the local practice as it's very expensive. It seems wierd I can't get a doctor for my kids, but have accepted them into school and request nothing from us?i will read the link. Thanks again.Gary

From my understanding EU citizens need only register at the Anagrafe of their local commune if they intend to stay more than 3 months. For this you get a receipt - it is not residency. Visitors to Italy still get registered with the local police through hotels/B &Bs etc and this way you register for a longer period. The issue about doctors is one that interests me as my son, his wife and baby plan to do the same as you Gary but I have found, living in various EU countries, that registering with a local GP is a very British thing.  I suggest you ask around parents at school to find a good doctor, give him/her a call and ask whether the EHIC would cover any visits that might be required. That way you know you have a short cut to help if needed.  Enjoy your year in Tuscany!