I own an apartment in Fabro, Terni,

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06/29/2018 - 15:26

I own an apartment in Fabro, Terni, Umbria.  I need to buy two large area rugs for the living room and a large bedroom, a recliner chair, and a clothes dryer.  The rugs and chair can be new or used if in good condition.  Any suggestions on good places to shop, good local markets, or publications to check?  I will be there for 3 months beginning early September.  Thanks.



Hi For both your questions try www.subito.itSearch under 'PER LA CASA E LA PERSONA' for the furniture itemsSearch under 'SERVIZI' (LAVORO) for the language tutor.Not sure where your from buts its similar to gumtree sites around the world

I should have responded earlier since I returned to the US last November.  We found a good selection of area rugs and good prices at Leroy Merlin in Perugia. The recliner was purchased at Mondo Convenienza, also at a good price and also in Perugia.  The clothes dryer was finally purchased at Sinergy in Chiusi after major problems trying to get one online through Prezzoforte.  Sinergy (located in the Etrusca shopping center) was a little expensive but had great service.  Can't wait to get back to Fabro in April!


Buon giorno.  I saw your query on the site.  We are a retired couple who owns a home in Ficulle.  Fabro is our "go to" spot.  Looks like you are doing a good job sourcing items for your apartment.  We have also used Maison du Monde.How is your Italian????  Do you have any thoughts/leads on Italian tutors locally (Fabro/Ficulle).  We are always trying to migliorare our Italian but it is slow going.  We are turning mid March and will remain through part of April.  Feel free to get in touch.  Best,  Lisa