I was in Italy in July in the Lake Iseo

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08/24/2016 - 22:21

I was in Italy in July in the Lake Iseo area.  The night before I flew back to the US, I got a parking ticket.  Since I don't speak or read Italian and my flight was the next morning, I couldn't deal with this in country.  At the airport I got an airline agent to look at the ticket and give me the basic information.  He said I was supposed to go to a post office to pay the fine, but since I won't be in Italy again for a long time, I can't do that.I understand that there is a way that I can do a wire transfer.  If I'm interpretting this correctly, I have an account number at BancoPosta to which I could send the money, but I seem to need a "SWIFT" number and/or something called an "IBAN" number to do this.  Neither of these do I have or can I find.I'm attaching images of the ticket and what I think is the payment voucher.  Can anyone help me figure out how to do the right thing and pay this?  I don't want to skip out on this, I want to pay what I owe.  


You need an IBAN no. to make a transfer in Europe, and I don't see one on the ticket.  I'd advise you not to worry about it.  If the ticket was on a rental car, you'll probably be billed by the agency for it eventually.  Since you don't live here, it shouldn't be a problem. Ciao

As mentioned above, if it is a rental car, the rental company will eventually be contacted by the comune/ local police for your information. You will then receive a bill from the rental car agency for the service fee of providing your information to the police - generally in the area of 40-50 euros. They DO NOT pay the fine for you. You will receive a second bill from the police/comune for the actual fine, and perhaps any additional penalty charges for having not paid within 10 days.
Gala above has provided you with the information for the comune of Marone (where you incurred the parking violation and fine). The IBAN (the actual bank account number) and SWIFT numbers are shown. The only problem is two-fold. You will need to be able to reference your ticket and payment(and I am sorry, the picture and text is so small, I can not read it to translate it for you). And of the bank accounts (IBANs) listed, which is the correct one for you to have the wire transfer go to, as several are listed (just different addresses). My guess is that it would be the primary one at the top of the page in bold.
Not paying the fine is not an option, as Italy has now sought the help of collection agencies and you would be contacted by one of them eventually. Is there an email address listed on the parking ticket that you could perhaps contact somebody with?