Le Marche arable land costs per hectare?

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06/19/2009 - 09:34

 Hi againCould someone give me an idea as to what I should be paying in the present market for land in le marche (near force). Half of the land we are interested in is flat and currently used for arable crops and looks good quality. The other half is on a mild slope and has mature trees / scrub and not easily cultivated.My thoughts were that the decent arable land is perhaps worth in the region of 10,000 Euros per Hectare and the scrub / uncultivated land perhaps half that? But maybe I'm off beam.If I had an idea as to mean prices in the area for that sort of land, I would be better informed when it comes to the negotiations!Many thanks!!Brancusi   


Check out this website for the prices or here for Ascoli Piceno Province for 2008. A cadastral map extract will tell you exactly what the land is classified as and exactly how much there is. Ask the owner to provide this.€10,000 per hectare seems to be a magical figure that gets quoted a lot round here. No idea where it comes from

We were obliged to purchase a parcel of road-reserve from the province (Ancona province) to gain access to our property. The province set €7,50 per square metre as the guide price. As we were in bidding with a neighbour, we were advised to go a little higher, and put a bid in (successful) for €9,00.  Much higher than arable land prices as published, but fortunately only a few hundred square metres.So it all depends on who is selling the land, and how desperately the purchaser needs it.The notaio fees to purchase the parcel, doubled the overall costs.