Lost Property

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01/07/2010 - 19:20

Can anybody help me with a lost property enquiry. My daughter left her camera in the toilets at Pisa back in August. We searched everywhere, the tourist police and Tower staff where very helpful, but all to no avail. we had to return back to the UK so couldn't really follow up  on the search.   So assuming that  the camera was eventually handed in to some authority , I would appreciate  any advice as to  what to  do , or  on the procedure to claim  lost property.   Have tried looking on the internet using a google translator.. no joy.  And have joined a  found camera website.   http://www.camerafound.com/rewards/lost-sony-pink-cybershot-camera-pisa-t3390.html   Any suggestions ?   Agnelli



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  I think Ram is right - the chances of it turning up are remote at best.   Hopefully you can claim it on insurance [although that won't get any pictures back] - did you get anything from the police to show that you had reported it lost?