Medical insurance certificate/contract

david and maria Image
03/07/2010 - 18:56

Hello everyone, We have had such a frustrating time getting residency in our local comune in Sicily. It has been provisionaly granted pending the visit from the vigile, but we have been asked to provide a certificate of medical insurance. We are happy to do this and pay for a private contract to save all the hastle. Does anyone know of an economical way or company that can provide this for us in Italian and what we should expect to pay. regards David and Maria



Hi David & Maria Well if you feel it is the simplest solution for you;), I have heard of people using this policy to get their residency & Tessera sanitaria. It is certainly simpler than explaining the E106 entitlements to a reluctant Commune/ASL/Agenzia Entrate   It might be best to print it out & get a yes or no before you buy it. There is lots of background info. on the old site if you need it. This is a good start: In bocca al lupo!