My mother has recently passed away, and

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06/03/2019 - 14:12

My mother has recently passed away, and she had 50% ownership of a house unit in the province of Trento. My father is the beneficiary, How do we go about transferring title to my father? We live in Canada, and wondered if we need a Notary to make this happen, and what paperwork is required, or if a trip over is required?My aunt owns the other 50%, and she is aware of the situation.



Rob,Certainly you need a notary - and it is also not necessary for you to be present - maybe you can give a proxy to a person you trust, to sign the succession report - The notary will advise you on how to do the power of attorney - try to see this list, of notaries who speak English, if you find one, with the office near the property

Did your mother leave a will leaving her 50% to your father?  If so the will must be published in Italy by a notary before the succession can be done.  If there is no will then Italian law will prevail and the 50% ofyour mother will be divided between her husband and her children.     A notary is certainly the easiest way to go to sort out the succession and change of title.