Ok this is getting really confusing. I

06/11/2019 - 18:28

Ok this is getting really confusing. I hold a uk passport and driving lisence but have residency in Italy. I have been told that after August 2019 I need to change my uk driving license to an Italian one to be able to keep driving an Italian car. But what happens if I want to come back to the uk!? Also apparently it will cost me 240 euro to exchange my uk lisence. Has anyone else heard of this?



The link Ugo provides is spot on and I gather you have always been supposed to exchange. From what I read a while back the UK has said after brexit it will accpet an EU licence for exchange regardless of how we leave, don't think it is the same for the EU. So, if you are living in Italy and change you could come back to the UK and change back.

Brexit is a rip-off for everyone, both those who stay and those who leave - Wonder that the British, a people that has colonized half the world, and therefore an expert on the effects of innovations on history, do not realize that, precisely, in history of the world, progress is difficult, but to go back (in the dream of reconquering ancient glories) is impossible.Sic Transit Gloria Mundi ...