Renting accomodation

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01/07/2010 - 12:29

Hi everyone, this is my first posting. I am immediately on the scrounge for any help and advice.  My wife and I are retiring later this year (hooray) and plan to move to Calabria.  We have already had our fingers slightly singed in trying to buy some land and property and have made the decision to rent for a year before trying again.  Can anyone assist please, can you recommend an agent or details of anyone who may have property for a 12 month (minimum) rental.  We are looking for for a house with 2 or more bedrooms but with a bit of land or large garden where we can indulge ourselves with a bit of grow-your-own-vegetables self sufficiency (Ok I admit it, we still watch repeats of 'The Good Life'). Wishing everyone a happy new year and look forward to hearing from you. Regards Bob and Linda Hollingworth


As a 'forestiero' you can have a contratto transitorio that will allow you to rent furnished accommodation for up to 18 months.  Beyond 18 months you will need a contratto libero (4+4 years - unfurnished) or renew your transitorio.   Obviously where you want to be is a seaside place and most owners will rent out in the summer or use the place themselves.   Your best chance is to find a rent from the end of the summer for 9 or 10 months whereby the owners dont lose out on their summer, but have the house let in the quiet winter months.  You should pay a pretty negligible rent for this, though you will have to take on the utility bills - unless the owner wants to let his property under the table and not declare anything.  For your protection you should ask for a registered contract, but it wont be easy!  Try the agency 'solo affitti' - they probably have an office in Cosenza, look on the net for holiday lets and then approach the owner with your offer - most estate agents have rentals - obvioulsy I would recommend a FIAIP agent, as you are much less likely to get stung.   The Italian sites and have rentals too.  Or trace a site such as which lists vacation lets and you can at least get an idea of seasonal price variations and how much you should be paying.  Finding anywhere with a garden where the owner wouldnt mind you growing your own might be more difficult however!  Good luck