Requirements for pet owners in Italy:  It is obligatory

10/29/2020 - 10:37

Requirements for pet owners in Italy:


  • It is obligatory for dogs to be registered in the Anagrafe Canina (dog registry) with their microchip identification.
  • For both dogs and cats, vaccinations must be carried out for the most important and commonplace diseases.
  • All pets must have a health card issued by a qualified veterinarian.
  • It is important to take good care of the hygiene of the animal, its accessories and the space in which it lives (if you leave the dog on the balcony or on the terrace and the dog does its business there, make sure that any unpleasant odours don’t spread to the neighbours’ personal space).
  • Many complaints in shared living spaces relate to barking dogs: some legal precedents have it that the owner of the animal is responsible for any disturbances their dog may bring to others when barking.



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