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05/27/2009 - 11:52

I'm coming in Rome for a short time, I need a good guide to consult on the web...Do you know some website where to find information about places, things to do, monuments, nightlife in Rome?Thanks



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this is the first time I've tried to post on the new site - I wanted to reply directly to Samantha but it looks like it will come out as a reply to sempre italia - oh well we'll seeAs you will see from the Rome Tourism Website there are so many things to do in Rome. I just wanted to post a couple of ideas - depending on how old you are (and you did mention nightlife) my daughter enjoyed a bar crawl. Started at the Spanish Steps at about 9 pm , cost 15 euros and you get taken round a selection of bars and clubs with a like minded group of people, finishing very late/early morning. Watch out for young people handing out fliers. Campo dei Fiori at night has good pubs (as long as there are no international football matches being played, as this is where a lot of trouble can erupt.  As an oldie, my suggestion for the day would be to wander around the various streets and view the sights from outside then decide to come back with a firm plan of what you want to see ( it's been very hot recently)

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Hi Bower, nice to see you, Any comment to a post is a reply to that post. While if you want to reply to a comment you push "reply".In any case thanks for your suggestions about Rome! 

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We spent three and half days there at the beginning of our holiday at the beginning of May, and then an overnight before we flew back three weeks later.I had done research and made plans, but there is so much in some ways it is good to just 'go with the flow' as you will only scratch the surface in a few days.  We started off with the 110 Roma hop on hop off bus to give an 'overview' and get an idea of geography, we did a spin round in the evening, and then had the ticket for 24 hours so the next day so could do some hopping on and off...We were staying very close to Campo de Fiore (in the Campo de Fiore hotel, which is in fact round the corner from the square - highly recommended but not cheap) so could wander around there, Piazza Navona and Pantheon etc, a good spot, and about 20 mins walk from St Peter's in one direction and the Colosseum in another, both essentials in my view.I had a small guide that fitted in a pocket which had two 'pop up' maps, an AA cityguide, which was very handy.Have a great trip!